As a Yoga Alliance-approved program, Om Seva School of Yoga fulfills stringent training requirements consisting of over 200 hours of yoga education.  Students will be trained not only in the safe practice and instruction of asana, but also introduced to yoga philosophy, anatomy, ethics, classroom dynamics, Sanskrit, specialty classes, meditation, and the business of yoga.

Attendance at all class sessions, as well as completion of all assignments, is mandatory.  Students are likewise expected to maintain and document a dedicated practice consisting of no fewer than five sessions per week. 

Because the OSSY program is designed to foster fluency in the many expressions of Vinyasa Yoga - from highly intense combinations to an arrangement of softly flowing postures -  a certain level of aptitude is expected of enrollees. This expectation does not necessarily presume the ability to practice all of the 50+ postures covered in the program, but it does presume a depth of practice that has given the potential OSSY student an understanding of how to address his or her own temporary boundaries, as well as how to transcend them within an instructor's capacity. In short, a teacher training program is not the appropriate venue to "discover" yoga in a casual sense.  Familiarity with the practice should be solid prior to applying to the program.

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