April Woody, ERYT
Owner, The Folded Leaf
Director, Om Seva School of Yoga

After a life-long struggle with not only weight, but also anxiety and persistent mild depression, the gift of yoga came into my life and began to set me free.  Little did I know at the time that this freedom is actually the definition of yoga (“the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind”).  After some months of asana, the experiential learning offered by the practice began to settle into my bones, my psyche, my daily life, as bit by bit I shed the fear-based perspectives of my previous life and embraced the limitless potential offered by the yogic lifestyle.  Now, years later, I understand and appreciate the unifying nature of the practice – from the undeniable potential of a unified mind, body, and spirit within the individual, to the rippling effect of this idea of union into the world around us.    

When the opportunity to transition from student to teacher was presented to me, I accepted and sought my 200-hour certification from the Shambhava School of Yoga.  I have continued and will continue to expand my knowledge of the many intricacies of the craft through various workshops, dedicated study, and personal practice. What a gift this journey has been! 

I look forward to continuing to share this path with others, as we all learn together, experiencing as one the union inherent to the craft.